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The website Adtrads.com is published and produced by Adtrads, a group registered with Siret No. 809 672 447 000 38 and located in France, 14 rue Pierre Brossolette in Calais (62100)

This is a cool website, who produced it?

Adtrads.com was produced by web agency Quai des Balises (a limited company). This web agency is located in the north of France, at 885 rue Louis Breguet, ZAC Marcel Doret, Calais (62100).

This website loads really fast, what’s your secret?

While this website was produced and coded with great care, our hoster also had a hand in our success. Our site is hosted by Planet Hoster. Their head office is located in Montréal, Québec (Canada) at 150 Pierre Mercure.


We assume full responsibility for the information and services provided. However, Adtrads strives to provide accurate, up-to-date information on this website to the best of its ability. It reserves the right to correct the content at all times and without notice. Visitors are hereby warned that they bear responsibility for checking said information by other means. Consequently, Adtrads declines all liability for: any inaccuracies, inexact information or omissions in the information available on the website; any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party having led to modifications in the information available on this website; and generally speaking for any direct or indirect damage, whatever the causes, origins, nature or consequences, triggered by anyone accessing the website or being unable to access it, likewise use of the website and/or credit given to any information gained directly or indirectly from the same.


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Any questions?

Should you have any questions about this website, please write to webmaster@adtrads.com.