All our translations are produced by translators having studied translation, with a specialisation in a particular field.

Our translators work to a very strict process before being able to work with us and handle your projects. We regularly check up on their skills and to ensure that they may continue to work on your projects.

We also set up tools (glossaries and translation memories) for each of our clients to ensure top quality and consistency in all projects. These tools are available to our clients at all times so they can view and modify them as necessary.

Lastly, in order to meet quality standards, Adtrads has initiated the process towards certification of ISO 9001 and EN 15038 standards.


Adtrads is committed to responding to all your estimate requests within a 2-hour time frame.

Turnaround time for non-urgent translation is around 2,000 words / day. This applies to all the languages provided. In the event of an urgent translation request, turnaround may be increased to 3,500 words / day, proofreading included.

From small structures to key accounts and even institutions, an increasing number of our clients choose Adtrads as a primary partner for all their translation projects.

The keys underpinning our success: The strength and sense of involvement of a reputed group, the availability of our teams. But above all, your requests are processed in a responsive manner.


Adtrads sets up a specific, detailed confidentiality agreement with all its suppliers, to ensure discretion for each project they work on. 
This confidentiality agreement applies both for drawing up estimates and for producing the translation, and for the service itself which may be entrusted to them.

Our staff guarantee your projects. To ensure this, we store all work in our secure servers for a pre-determined length of time (5 years). Should any of our clients need their documents deleted systematically or destroyed after working on them, they simply need to mention this to us.

Only the staff working on your project can view your documents. No other staff members are authorised to view your projects.

Our glossaries and translation memories are all client-specific. They therefore cannot be sent to and/or used by any other clients..


Adtrads strives to meet and adapt to the expectations of their clients.

Our staff do all they can to meet your obligations in terms of deadline and put forward lthe best possible solution for each of your files.

In-house information (previous work) and/or external information (requirements and specific elements for a new request) pertaining to the client are collected and the elements sent are filed using a standard filing system.

Check lists, instructions and reference documents help ensure that Adtrads has everything at its fingertips to issue an estimate tailored to your requests.

We handle all document formats, hard copy and digital formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as specific formats such as InDesign and Quark Xpress and WEB formats (.xml, .html, .csv etc.)