Interpreting is the oral translation of a person’s speech into another language. It is mostly used at international conferences, meetings and professional gatherings, attended by people from all over the world and of all nationalities.

Adtrads is your prime interpreter for all your needs, whether for one-off occasions or on a regular basis, covering all technical interpreting .

Bound by professional secrecy, our interpreting teams all boast at least 5 years’ experience in the lines of business they work in. They work exclusively into their native language/s and are selected for their language skills and cultural knowledge, as well as for their listening and comprehension skills.

Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting speech as it occurs: 
The interpreter translates from their booth, as the orator speaks, while the audience listens via earphones.

In consecutive interpreting, the speech is translated one sentence at a time, with the orator waiting after each sentence for the interpreter to provide the translation. The interpreter works in direct contact with the public and uses notes taken using their own technique.

Liaison interpreting / whispering when the interpreter helps a small group of people to communicate in a context that’s more or less confidential, for example in in-house meetings or discreet negotiations.

A few examples

Please see some examples of this service below:

  • Corporate seminars
  • Conferences
  • Trade negotiations
  • Meetings
  • International conferences
  • Political meetings
  • Working groups
  • Welcoming delegations
  • Congresses, symposiums
  • Visits to business sites (plants, workshops, etc.)
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