Localisation is not merely translation. It means adapting the content of your website or software to the culture and customs of the countries you are seeking to gain a foothold in.

Website localisation

e-commerce is currently enjoying a worldwide boom. Over 8/10 consumers make online purchases. Websites act as a showcase for firms. This is why it is crucial to adapt it to user consumption behaviour, which means localising it.

Here is a simple, yet concrete example:

When users buys something online in the USA, they use an Online Payment tab. Whereas in France, consumers are more reticent about online purchasing, because of security issues, especially regarding banking information. To adapt to French consumer behaviour and reassure them, we localise this tab’s name to Secure online payment .

Software localisation

Localising software means it can be used by any user anywhere in the world. For example, we factor in data that varies from one country to the next, such as time zones and currency. We also localise all figures and FAQs, ensuring all users get the full experience and benefits.


As your firm develops abroad, your communication media will need to be adapted to your future targets. Your website, marketing and legal documents must be translated into the language/s of your future clients. But it’s not enough to translate your website for your clients to find you. Your website then needs to be referenced for search engines.

A solution: natural referencing (SEO) and think : multilingual SEO.

Adtrads supports your globalisation plans and offers to analyse SEO opportunities for each country targeted. Based on your key words, our native translators can put forward localised lists of key words corresponding to the customs of each country. Do you not have a list of keywords? Our partner can draw up this list, which will also be localised for all countries.

A few examples

Please see some examples of this service below:

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  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Javascript
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)
  • PHP
  • Joomla
  • Active Server Pages ( ASP)
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Java
  • EPI Server
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