Adtrads can assist with your transcription, sub-titling, dubbing and voice-over projects.


Transcription means listening to audio or video text and reproducing everything uttered in writing . Transcription is a vital step towards producing a professional translation of your message with a view to sub-titling or dubbing a video, for example.

Before starting on any project, the audio and video content to be transcribed shall be analysed in detail to ensure good comprehension of your project and the time needed to complete it.


Sub-titling means inserting your video text in another language than that recorded.
Sub-titling involves several steps:

  • Spotting and transcribing the script
  • Translating the script
  • Embedding and synchronising the translated script (sub-titles)
  • Checking prior to circulation


Dubbing means listening to the script and transcribing it, then recording it orally and folding this recording into your video.

Once the script has been transcribed, our translators translate it into the language needed. We then make the audio recording. We delete the original recording and replace it with the new one, remaining as close as possible to the original recording and scene.